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The Kingdom Influencers Network (The K.I.N is a network of world all around the world who;

  • Recognize that they are here on earth for a reason
  • Know that they have a purpose in this life
  • Choose to live life on purpose
  • Serve God with their lives and resources
  • Desire a fellowship of like-minded women to walk along with

Our Mission (Ephesians 4:12)

  1. To prepare God’s people for work of service
  2. To prepare us for the work God has called us individually to do
  3. To give us the needed scriptural tools for our work
  4. To prepare women who are spiritually grounded and kitted enough to be of kingdom significance
  5. To build Esthers in this generation

Our Vision (Esther 4:14b)

Women who rise up and change the course of kingdoms by the power of God.

Esther 4:14B

We are divinely empowered for Kingdom Impact.


In The K.I.N, we study and apply kingdom principles by which we operate and dominate in the secular kingdoms we have been called to.

Many things stand in the way of the Modern day Christian achieving purpose and at such a time as this we need to hold on to our faith more strongly than when we first believed and how better to do this than with people who can hold you accountable, pray for you and together grow in grace.

We are organized as a network of Chapters around the world so you can join us from anywhere in the world!