Bible Study Accountability Program

1 Peter 2:2 NLT

Like newborn babies, you must crave pure spiritual milk so that you will grow into a full experience of salvation. Cry out for this nourishment,

Program Activities

A habit of Bible Study is very key to having a fruitful Christian life and many believers have suffered greatly for not building this habit. Especially now, in the last days, amidst the evils going on in the world, a bedrock of sound understanding of the Bible is one every believer should seek to build.

In this accountability program, we would provide you with tough love, bible study guidance, fellowship, and hold you accountable as you begin this journey of daily bible study.

This program is for you if;

  • You are born again
  • You have a goal to build a habit of regular bible study
  • You are willing and ready to take ownership of your spiritual growth
  • You are willing and humble enough to give & receive Christian accountability

As a participant in the program, you can expect the following;

  • You select a bible study frequency comfortable for you e.g. daily, every 2 days
  • You will get a bible study topic & workbook for the program
  • You will check In and Out for each Bible study session
  • You will be held accountable for missed sessions and lessons during the study
  • Once a week, we would meet virtually to discuss lessons, challenges, and milestones on the journey


  • Failure to clock in for a day would warrant a warning
  • Failure to clock in for 3 consecutive days would warrant removal from the group
  • Weekly Meetings are compulsory

What you need

  • A Bible
  • A notepad or any other way of taking down lessons


Please read the following statements.  If you agree, your application stands as your signature and commitment to the guidelines of this program.
  • I have the desire to be held accountable concerning my Bible Study in my walk with Christ.
  • I will be honest in sharing about my Bible Study activities & lessons
  • I am willing to participate fully in the Program, maintaining contact with the group via chat several times a week and meet virtually for one hour every week.
  • I will keep everything confidential that is discussed in the accountability group.
  • I will humbly accept correction & removal from the Group when my actions warrant it.

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